Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities

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Robert A. Freitas Jr., Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities, Landes Bioscience, Georgetown, TX, 1999 Cell Plasma Membrane Elasticity

Does the temporary attachment and passage of a cytoambulating nanorobot across a cell surface have a significant mechanical effect on that surface? Cell and plasma membrane deformation can be quite complex. However, taking the plasma membrane to be a two-dimensional, incompressible elastic solid, a deformation will always consist of one or more of three fundamental independent deformations: expansion without bending or shear (characterized by the area expansion modulus K, in N/m), elongation (shear) without expanding or bending (shear modulus mshear, in N/m), and bending without shear or expansion (bending modulus B, in N-m). Each mode is discussed briefly, below.


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