Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities

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3233. The extermination speed (against in vivo pathogens) using medical nanorobots is described in Chapter 19 and depends upon many factors. Deployment of nanorobots from in vivo storage allows in sanguo migration to within a few cell widths of almost any infected site within at most one blood circulation time (<60 sec); alternatively, direct transdermal insertion by medical personnel allows on site deployment near well-localized infections in 5-10 sec (e.g. duration of a small injection). Recognition of a pathogenic cell type may occur in ~2 millisec (Section; a nanorobot concentration of 10-3 micron-3 at the infected site allows positive identification of all microbes located inside the 1000 micron3 patrol volume of each nanorobot within ~90 sec (Section 8.4.4). Once recognized, mechanical killing and disposal of a virus particle requires ~0.1 sec of processing time (Section; mechanical killing and disposal of a bacterial pathogen requires ~50 sec (Section; see also microbivores. Typical extermination time for well-localized infections thus ranges from 100-200 sec. Chapter 19 further explores eradication statistics as a function of pathogen population and distribution, especially for less localized infections; cell and chromosome repair or replacement following infiltration by exogenous viral genetic material is described in Chapters 20 and 21.

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